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Beer History


Beer is one of the oldest brewed drinks in the written history ; recipes were found in ancient Mesopotamia and it’s said that yeast was discovered by the Sumerian civilization where they had the goddess of brewing and beer, Ninkasi.

With more than 20 types of beer (Ale, Lager,..., etc.) and styles (often classified by origin); currently, there are tens of thousands brands of beers in the world including micro breweries as well.

One of the labels Worth mentioning is the "Trappist beer", a beer that has to be brewed in an abbey by, or under control, of monks ; that’s why there are only 10 beers in the world with this label, in which six of them are brewed in Belgium.

Belgium is considered one of the big producers (and consumers) of beer, with more than 160 breweries, 3000 beer brands and more than 20 beer museums !

Not surprisingly, beer sneaked into many traditional cuisine recipes ; after all, it existed for more than 5000 years; there was enough time to be inventive !

Whatever the taste you like, there’s a beer that suits you: sweet, bitter, fruity; to enjoy, of course, with moderation !