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In 1969, Hurricane Camille ripped through Nelson County, Virginia. In its destruction, it took most of the orchards of Clyde and Ginger Harvey. Several years later, the Harveys found a tree of golden apples amongst their replanted Winesaps. The seed of the tree had apparently been washed into the orchard from somewhere else, perhaps during the hurricane since nothing like it had been previously planted. It was later established that they had a true chance seedling. After calling it Harveylicious, the apple was later named Ginger Gold after Mrs. Harvey. Ginger Gold has a yellow appearance that might come from its probable Golden Delicious parentage. Pippin is also thought to be one of the other varieties in its genetics. It has a crisp, tart flavor with a sweet aftertaste and is good for both eating and cooking. California has Ginger Gold from mid-July through October.