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Red Delicious Apples


These popular apples have earned their name and their reputation. Sweet and flavorful with 11 to 15 percent sugar, Delicious apples have a tasty and crisp juicy texture that is familiar to everyone. With their distinct strawberry shape and deep red color, Delicious apples are easy to identify and hard to miss. California Delicious apples are harvested in late August, can generally be found in the market in fall and early winter, and are known for their sweet taste. Jesse Hiatt discovered the Red Delicious chance seedling on his farm near Peru, Iowa. As it was growing out of place with the row of Yellow Bellflower apple trees, he tried chopping it down twice. After it sprouted a third time, he decided to let it grow. The fruit was first displayed as the Hawkeye variety at an 1893 fruit show in Louisiana, Missouri. It was later renamed Delicious but is best known as Red Delicious to distinguish it from the Golden Delicious.