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Encased in a tough, leathery hull and an inner, protective hard shell, almonds are mechanically shaken from the tree during the fall harvest and sent to handlers to be processed and marketed as a final product.
Internationally, the United States remains the largest producer of almonds, harvesting 80 percent of the world's crop, followed by the European Union. California is the largest producer in the United States. The expanding consumer palate for international cuisines that use almonds and a growing Middle Eastern population may also help increase.
In the United States, the majority of almonds are consumed as ingredients in manufactured goods, including cereal and granola bars; the remainder are consumed as snacks, in in-home baking and at food service outlets.
Nut flours are expanding as an alternative to regular wheat flours in the gluten-free market. The non-dairy alternative market of almond milk is expanding, offering a low-fat, high-protein option for consumers. New branded products and new uses of almonds in cereals, ice cream, confectionaries and baked goods have been introduced.